Existing Indian Democratic System is Sheerly a Fraud  

   (Based on Human Rights in order to set-up a REAL/PRISTINE Democratic System in India.)
        Proposed By Anti Democratic Council Of India 

                     BRAND OF DEMOCRACY IN INDIA

                               The existing constitution and Democratic System of India have absolutely failed
                        to eradicate poverty, solve the problem of unemployment or to provide job to 
                        jobless,  to provide house to houseless, to curb communal problems and also 
                         other problems like problem of Kashmir, Assam and Punjab etc. to uproot the
                       prevalent corruption and corrupt bureaucracy, more particularly where country is 
                             completely sunk into corruption. And top dignitaries of the country are hell-bent for 
                            committing heinous crimes for their material gains. Billions are spent on the first 
                           Citizen of India, who is merely holding an ornamental post in the country. On the 
                           other hand, eighty percent of the country’s population is hardly able to meet its
                           survival. Such is the brand of  Democracy which we have here in India and as such 
                      we , the people of Anti  Democratic Council of India have completely lost its 
                           faith and confidence in the the existing constitution and the System of India.
                                 The poor, haves-not , unemployed youths of India have completely lost their 
                            faith in the existing constitution of India and prevalent so called democratic
                            system in India. What  the aforesaid class feels is that the ALMIGHTY  alone can
                            tell which brand of democracy is in existence in India, but then what the poor 
                            citizenry of India at least  feel is that it is just like MODERN BREAD PACKET
                            having wrapper of modern Indian Bakery, but content inside the wrapper is
                            a Brick. Implementation of Democratic System in India is merely a FARCE



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