Existing Indian Democratic System is Sheerly a Fraud    
     (Based on Human Rights in order to set-up a REAL/PRISTINE Democratic System in India.)
           Proposed By Anti Democratic Council Of India 

                                                                         Court:  Hon’ble Chief Justice

                                                                    High Court of Judicature at Allahabad. 

                                           C. Misc. Writ NO. 25132  of 1990 

                               Writ under Article ..............                                   


                               Thomas Jacob son of J. N. Jacob aged about 17 years.  Resident of 122/677 Shastri                                   Nagar Kanpur (Nagar) Uttar Pradesh. 


                                                                           Union of India through Cabinet secretary.

                                                                         P. M. House/ Rastrapati Bhawan. New Delhi. 


                                              Hon’ble Chief Justice & His other Companion Judges. 


                               1. That the petitioner owing to his poverty and having been desperate from his 
                                   poverty, unemployment and houseless ness, was constrained to launch an appeal to 
                                   Hon’ble Prime  Minister of the country to the effect that pecuniary assistance be 
                                    given to rehabilitate himself regarding his bread, clothing and shelter and had  
                                    also vividly disclosed thereby that no way cut to arrange bread, clothing, shelter
                                     was left with the petitioner. In the event of failure to get the desired things 
                                     arranged on your good self’s part the petitioner being compelled, if commits, any
                                     offence or self-immolation and adieu good-by from this world, responsibility 
                                     rests on the Govt.    
                          2.  That the office of the P. M. Of India informed vide letter No. 23/7/88 P.M. P/11
                                     dt. 17.2.88. That there is no such fund by which the petitioner be pecuniary helped
                                     or financially assisted, its embarrassing to learn that the Prime Minister of this
                                     democratic nation has no such fund whereby a needy citizen of the country could
                                     be afforded such facility, at the same time it is also well established that if a citizen
                                     of the country commits suicide or any offence on account of poverty, lack of
                                     shelter, unemployment etc., such negative response from or on behalf of P. M.
                              From P. M. Office, only encourages a citizen to commit an offence or suicide,
                                     which is deadly against of the democratic values in democratic setup  of a
                                     country. The said response from the P. M.’s office is enough in itself to loose the
                                     confidence in a democratic set up of a country by any citizen.  It is very
                                     unfortunate and subject of a deep thinking in all it is a big question mark for            
                                                                                                                                            ( P. M. Letter

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