Existing Indian Democratic System is Sheerly a Fraud  
   (Based on Human Rights in order to set-up a REAL/PRISTINE Democratic System in India.)
          Proposed By Anti Democratic Council Of India 

                                      IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA

                                                        CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION

                               Special Leave Petition (CIVIL) NO. 628 OF 1992

                               In the matter of:

                                 Thomas Jacob.
                                 S/o M. J. Jacob
                                122/677, Shastri Nagar,
                                Kanpur (U. P.)
                                Union of India,  
                                Through the Chief Secretary,
                                Government of India, Department of Law and
                                Parly., affairs, Shastri Bhawan,
                                New Delhi.
                                                                                              SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION UNDER ARTICLE
                                                                                              ARTICLE 136 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA FOR
                                                                                              GRANT OF SPECIAL LEAVE TO APPEAL AG. INST
                                                                                              THE JUDGMENTS AND ORDER DATED 16.8.91 OF
                                                                                              THE HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD IN 
                                                                                              C.M.W.P.NO. 25132 OF 1990


                                   The Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India and his companion Justice of the Supreme
                                   Court of  India.
                                                                                            The Humble petition of the petitioner above named:
                               MOST RESPECTFULLY SHOWED :
                                1.       That the petitioner is filing the above Special Leave Petition against the 
                                       Judgment and  order dated 16.8.91 of the High Court of Allahabad at Allahabad in 
                                       Civil   Misc,  Writ  Petition No. 25132 of 1990.                                              
                                2.        That the petitioner has not filed any other special leave petition before this                  
                                       Hon’ble Court against the  impugned order of the High Court.
                               3.        That the facts leading to the filing of special leave petition are as under:       
                                               That the petitioner is a poor citizen, and is unemployed and land-less. This fact 
                                      was intimated  to the Prime Minister also by the petitioner.  In this                                    
                                      letter, the petitioner  prayed for bread, for wearing cloths and residence to live.
                                     The petitioner also started  that   if  he is not provided anything asked for in that letter he 
                                     may take leave from this world after committing a crime or by doing self -
                                     emulation. The petitioner was informed  by the office of the Prime Minister    
                                     that  there is no fund economically weaker section.  As a matter of fact this is 
                                      very surprising in this Democratic System.
                               4.   The petitioner thereafter wrote to the President of India for similar reliefs. However,   
                                     after about 21 days., he got a letter from the President of India stating that he
                                     is unable to do anything.  The petitioner after receiving such a reply lost faith
                                     in  the Democratic System.   
                               5.     That as per the direction of the Hon’ble President of India the Petitioner requested  
                                     the Chief Secretary  of Uttar Pradesh that necessary action may be taken to help
                                     the petitioner.   The Chief Secretary after 40 days of receiving the letter of the petitioner
                                     written to him that he has written to the District Officer, kanpur for doing the needful. 

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