Existing Indian Democratic System is Sheerly a Fraud  
     (Based on Human Rights in order to set-up a REAL/PRISTINE Democratic System in India.)
              Proposed By Anti Democratic Council Of India 
                                Avoidance of exercising the right of franchise is made punishable offence.
                              Every person born after 2002, to ensure his right of exercise of franchise, shall
                                     have to attain at least  Higher Secondary education.
                        Entrepreneurs those who are prepared to ensure employment to at least 100
                              persons should be  totally  exempted from any enquiry regarding his capital
                        Money deposited in foreign financial institutions by the Indian  citizen, be
                              allowed to take back without  any imposition of rules and regulations or of its
                              possible impending punishment such as forfeiture or confiscation of such
                              money brought back.
                        Journalist shall get full protection of all sort who bring concrete things about
                                     prevalent corruption in the country by his  or her investigative type of

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